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Male sexual and ejaculation issues can manifest in many unique conditions; including, but not limited to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. However, there is another common sexual problem, that many people do not know or talk of. A number of men also suffer from a medical condition called dry orgasm. Men suffering from dry orgasms are still fully capable of obtaining an erection, maintaining the erection, and achieving sexual climax. However, during climax, they are unable to physically ejaculate.


Definition & Facts

A dry orgasm happens when a man reaches sexual climax, but does not physically ejaculate fluid from the penis. Dry orgasms are rarely harmful, and generally feel like any normal orgasm. However, the condition interferes with a man’s ability to reproduce, since there are no sperm released during the intercourse.

A lot of men who suffer from dry orgasms, get alarmed by the phenomena. The alarm is even magnified, when general research turns up the concern of greater prostate issues. The average individual does not realize that dry orgasms can be the result of various different factors, many of which are minor and non-threatening. Though prostate disease is, in fact, a cause of the condition, it is generally only a concern for middle-aged and older men. Even then, other minor causes are more likely the source.


Dry Orgasms can be the result of a variety of different things. In late 2009, the Mayo Clinic produced and released a list of all causes of “fluidless climax”, and the possible causes vary greatly from one man to the next.

Dry Orgasm in Young Men

Males who masturbate prior to their reach of puberty, increase their risk of dry orgasms. These men are generally unable to produce semen, so their climaxes lack fluid. Another cause for the lack of fluid in young men, is excessive sexual activity. The average man can only ejaculate a handful of times in the course of a day. Therefore, if a young man is overactive, and has already ejaculated several times in a short period of time, his climax will lack fluid. To put it simply, his body’s seminal production just cannot keep up with his sex drive.

Dry Orgasm in Older Men

The majority of middle-aged and older men who suffer from dry orgasms, do so because of something called retrograde ejaculation. This is a process in which ejaculate is produced, but then released in the wrong direction. Instead of the semen ejaculating through the penis, it is misdirected to the bladder, and into the man’s urine. Retrograde ejaculation is easy to diagnose, because the man’s urine will come out white and cloudy, as the result of semen contamination.

Other Causes of Dry Orgasm

1. Surgery to the bladder or prostate: These types of surgery can hinder a man’s ability to produce semen. They can also just alter the flow and direction of ejaculation; resulting in retrograde ejaculation.

2. Radiation therapy to the pelvis: Radio Therapy to the reproductive regions can kill sperm, and eliminate a man’s ability to produce semen.

3. Diabetes

4. Multiple sclerosis or Spinal cord injury

5. Certain Kinds of medications: Many common medications, used to treat high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, or mental health disorders can mess with the production and release of ejaculate.

6. Congenital disorders: Sometimes there are genetic abnormalities that attack a man’s reproductive systems, and target the amount of seminal fluid he can produce.

7. Blocked sperm duct: Sometimes there can be an obstruction in the ejaculatory duct, that prohibits the release of fluid during climax.

8. Male hypogonadism: Hypogonadism, by definition, diminishes the functional activity of the reproductive system.

If dry orgasms cause great concern or discomfort, it is best to seek medical attention with a primary physician. A doctor can do a proper examination, rule in or out causes, and safely and effectively treat the condition.

When to see a doctor

Dry orgasms are usually not cause for great concern, unless the individual hopes to become a father. If not being able to reproduce is causing distress, it is definitely time to seek medical attention.

It is important to remember that dry orgasms are rather common. They are not dangerous, and they are nothing to be worried, shy, or embarrassed about. If worry and embarrassment are a serious issue, it can sometimes help to speak to a health care provider. This is because a doctor can provide advice, reassurance, and treatment options.

Most of the time, the lack of ejaculate fluid is harmless. However, it is always a safe call to talk with a primary care physician to ensure that the dry orgasms are not a result of serious underlying medical conditions.

Treatment & Therapy

A lot of men are bothered by dry orgasms; however, the condition is not generally harmful. Medical treatment for the condition is only a necessity if it interferes with the man’s ability to reproduce.

In cases of necessary treatment; dry orgasm is a condition that can be the result of several different internal and external factors. Because of this, treatment depends heavily on the underlying cause of the condition. However, most all causes of fluidless climax are easily and effectively curable through a variety of different medical practices, involving surgeries, treatments, and/or therapies.

Different Forms of Treatment

  • Medications: There are some medications that work to treat dry orgasms. Such as the decongestant, pseudoephedrine, which is known to improve symptoms of retrograde ejaculation.
  • Re-evaluating and switching medications: If dry orgasm is the result of current medications, a doctor can re-evaluate the medication needs, and prescribe a different form of needed medications.
  • Surgery: There are surgery methods that can reverse the issues that result in retrograde ejaculation.
  • Therapy: If the lack of fluid is caused by a mental or neurological issue, therapy can be used to remedy the issue.
  • Temporary sexual abstinence: If the dry orgasms are caused by excessive sexual activity, the temporary abstinence of ejaculation will allow the body time to produce more fluid.

Prevention & Prophylaxis

Because dry orgasm is generally the result of unavoidable issues and procedures, there isn’t many preventative measures. However, there are a few ways to prevent the condition, if it is induced by external sources.

1. Reduced sexual activity: Dry orgasm can be brought on by excessive ejaculation. Limiting sexual activity to a couple times a day can greatly reduce the risk of the condition.

2. Limit pressure on the genital area: Firm pressure around a man’s penis, or against the area between the penis and anus will hinder the release of semen. Sometimes people do this, on purpose, in order to control their physical climax. If a controlled climax is not intended, but is being achieved, the man can fix the issue by making sure undo pressure is not placed near or around the penis.

Dry orgasms can be an alarming and uncomfortable condition. However, they are really just a harmless nuisance, and can easily be treated and cured. Discussing the issue and all concerns with a doctor is necessary in order to understand the condition and find the right course of treatment.

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